The Skip Light System Instructions


The Skip Light System is a device for securing a skip against theft as well as providing a secure light that can’t be illegally removed. It combines the SkipProtect light, SkipCharge charging unit and SkipGuard securing device.

The SkipProtect light and SkipGuard securing device – referred to as Skip Light for ease of reference in these instructions – are fitted to the two lugs on the side facing the road. The light is activated automatically once the key is removed.

The unit will start flashing when the natural light falls below a pre-set level and stop flashing when light levels increase.

The light will operate for a period of 3-6 weeks per charge, depending on the time of year, ambient temperature and battery charge condition.

The battery will not reach full capacity until after it has been fully charged and discharged 2-3 times.

For charging, see instructions supplied with charger unit SkipCharge.


Operating Instructions


Fitting to skip

Ensure that the unit is in the open position (fig 1), insert key, turn 180 degrees clockwise and place Skip Light over skip lug.

Hold the lens with one hand and rotate the body of Skip Light 90 degrees clockwise, turn the key back 180 degrees and remove. Repeat with next lug. Ensure that the unit is locked by trying to turn the Skip Light body. Your skip is now protected.

Removing from skip

Fit key into lock and rotate 180 degrees clockwise. Hold lens with one hand and rotate body of Skip Light 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Turn key back 180 degrees and remove. Skip Light can now be removed from the skip.

The unit is now fixed in the open position and ready to be fitted to another skip or for charging the battery.


Dos & don’ts

  • Do not attempt to rotate Skip Light when the key is removed.
  • Do not immerse Skip Light in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not attempt to open Skip Light as this will invalidate the warranty.
  • Do not attempt to rotate by holding the lens when fitted to skip lug.



Lock – High security coded lock (for replacement keys contact Skiplock Limited).

RoHS – Conforms to EC Directive.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive – all components of SkipProtect must be disposed of in accordance with the directive. For further information visit


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